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What is InteliWell?

The InteliWell company was formed by experts in well construction, automation, and artificial intelligence. The InteliWell platform provides an end-to-end, closed-loop workflow via integrated applications for well program creation, execution and smart well monitoring.

Our purpose is to create synergies and savings during the well construction life cycle. InteliWell consists of three applications that work together to:

  • Streamline the creation of the well program
  • Standardize the execution of the well
  • Embed operational best practices
  • Gain efficiencies by consistently executing optimized automated sequences
  • Reduce exposure to our personnel in high-risk areas
  • Mitigate the dilution of personnel experience
  • Free up Rig Crew for other tasks
  • Provide smart real-time connected oversight and assistance

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InteliPlan enables engineers to input the well design data and generate the operational program, including rig specific well construction sequences. InteliPlan includes automated selection criteria and decision logic that significantly reduces the time to create a drilling program. Operator's specific operating practices can be embedded in the InteliPlan logic to ensure they permeate across all ongoing and future drilling programs and rig site work instructions.

Intelie Plan 4

  • Creates a rig specific operational sequence based on the Rig’s historical performance and the Operator’s well design
  • Generates a well program and daily work instructions that are both digitized and human readable
  • Generates an electronic well program (machine sequences) that inputs to InteliAutomate to form the baseline for automation 
  • Produces time depth curves for the selected rigs


InteliAutomate executes pre-built optimized operational sequences in coordination with InteliPlan and with oversight from InteliAssist. Automated sequences include drilling, tripping, circulating, reaming and more to allow for efficient, consistent execution of the well program resulting in shortened drilling times.


  • An application interfaced to the Drilling Control Network (DCN), enabling equipment control & sequencing
  • Enables the execution of pre-built automation steps from InteliPlan with monitoring and intervention provided by InteliAssist
  • Equipment OEM agnostic
  • An open platform for third-party equipment and capability integration (not required)
  • Provides the ability to record, refine and repeat manual expert input
  • Automated tubular tracking and running tally creation is provided by the InteliTrak application. InteliTrack provides tubular and tooljoint machine data for automation and delivers constant real time depths and tubular data of all work string components to InteliAssist.


InteliAssist monitors all well construction parameters and simultaneously runs engineering simulations to allow comparison with real-time observations, thereby reducing risk and minimizing nonproductive time. Well control monitoring, drilling control and optimization, tripping control and visualization, hole cleaning and displacement monitoring are some of the key tasks analyzed. InteliAssist can optimize ongoing operations, predict operational problems, and identify when human intervention is required.

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  • An application turning drilling data into early warning, actionable information to the Driller and automated instructions to InteliAutomate 
  • Runs in real-time both shore-based and on the rig
  • Provides warnings of potential issues and highlights areas of opportunity
  • Allows automated intervention
  • Includes automated trip sheets, drilling trend monitoring and displacement monitoring
  • Provides a live well view showing relative positioning, non-shearable locations, critical depths, and restriction

Why InteliWell?

A unique and comprehensive end-to-end functionality in a single package